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Liability Insurance

In every walk of life we are governed by the "duty of care". That is we, must regulate our lives to ensure that others do not suffer by our lack of care. This is the whole basis of Liability insurance.

Furthermore if we hold ourselves to be experts in our chosen career and charge others for our services then we will be judged more strictly on the occasion that we fail to be careful.

The Health, Beauty, Fitness and Hairdressing industry offers a very personal service that seems to become more personal as new treatments become available. The potential for problems to arise increases in proportion to the complexity of the treatments you offer.

Claims for damages can arise from every angle - not just from the client, but employees and even the man in the street. Insurance provides solutions in three distinct categories;

Employers Liability

Covers your Legal Liability to your employees who suffer accidental death, injury, disease, illness or nervous shock in your employ where you are judged to be at fault. Cover is supplied for a minimum of £10M for any one incident. This cover is critical because you must have insurance by law.

Public Liability

This section covers your Legal Liability to the public for accidental death, injury or damage to their property. Cover is usually provided up to a limit of £1M for any one incident although £2M is becoming more common and higher limits are available if required.

Products and Professional Treatment Liability

This section covers your legal responsibility for injury or damage caused by the products or treatments you provide. In the case of hairdressers this will include hair products, services and the assorted range of treatments you provide to your clients. Cover is usually provided up to a limit of £1M for any one incident although £2M is becoming more common and higher limits are available if required.

Important To Note

Some Insurance companies limit the range of treatments that they are prepared to cover under this section or they may offer a reduced limit of indemnity. Park Insurance pay particular attention to not only your existing treatments but also those you may be considering in the near future.

In addition to washing drying cutting and drying, some of the treatments can include:

  • Tinting, dyeing, bleaching, permanent waving or special treatment of hair
  • Eye and eyebrow treatments
  • Hand, nail and foot care.
  • Waxing and epilation treatments
  • Various facial treatment involving the use of make up, creams or electronic stimulation.
  • Massage, aromatherapy and other full body treatments including body wrap and electrical muscle stimulants
  • Removal of thread veins, skin tags and white facial spots (melia extraction)
  • The use of sunbeds for tanning purposes
  • Ear and body piercing.

...and may other advanced treatments

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